Me on the tellybox

By popular demand. Me on the sofa. SEXEH!

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9 Comments on “Me on the tellybox”

  1. The_B Says:

    ‘Journalist and Gamer’ – are the two mutually exclusive now? Bloody BBC.

  2. Bobsy Says:

    Showing a lot of chest there, Timbo.

  3. Grill Says:

    You were looking fairly buff there as well.


  4. […] Me on the tellybox « [pcg]Tim Just /try/ to rip your eyes off his chest every time he comes on screen. Y'done good, Mr. Edwards. (tags: games tv video) […]

  5. Cloak Raider Says:

    Am I the only one that really cringes when the BBC does stories like this?

  6. Smee Says:

    I am loving the open collar.

  7. mandrill Says:

    aww, I wanted to watch that. but youtube has removed it for TOU violation (you bad boy you:P) I really wanted to see how the BBC treat a gamer who is also an adult.

  8. misterbrilliant Says:

    TOO HOT FOR YOUTUBE. (Video removed due to terms of use violation).

  9. Drug Crazed Says:

    Oh, so you put up a TOS violation video? Thanks Tim, thats really helpful

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