To: Ross Atherton.
Subject: Things that are brilliant
1. Druids
2. Editing PC Gamer

I’ve had an amazing month.

We took a holiday to Mexico. We swam with dolphins. We swam to swim-up bars and drank cocktails. And then Anna and I (the we in the previous sentences) got engaged. 

Then we came home, and my nose was crushed against the grindstone. My boss, Ross, has been taken off the magazine, leaving me with the day to day management.

It’s basically brilliant. I get to work with a team of writers and designers whom I respect and trust. I get to influence and direct what remains my favourite magazine in forever. I get to travel, meet the cool people who work with games everyday. I get to solve problems, personal and practical. And all this running against immutable, terrifying deadlines.

And, once in a while something mad happens.

Like last week, when I was sat on the BBC breakfast sofa, talking about my favourite game, with regular tv personalities, and an elf.

Or this week, when I left a package on a train and accidentally caused a security alert. 

Now, all that stands between us and huge success is deadline week. 

But, here’s the thing. Even if the issue explodes, even if disaster strikes, even if it all goes off the rails, I know I’m going to be just fine. I’m engaged. I have Anna.

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12 Comments on “Security”

  1. Heartiest congratulations Tim, we should all be so lucky.

    Plus you finally got rid of that tyrant Atherton – smiles all around eh? 😉

  2. Mythrilfan Says:

    You seem to have forgotten Left 4 Dead coming out. What a shame. Even so, serious congratulations from people of the lands of both Azeroth and Tamriel.

    On another note: what *did* happen to Atherton?

  3. Chris Evans Says:

    Congratulations on the engagement Tim, wish you all the best.

    So what is this about Ross then? I demand more details!

  4. arbitrary Says:


  5. Grill Says:

    Mazeltov! Though this all sounds too perfect and I have to suspect this is a plot by Evil Tom Francis to build you up to a point of happy perfection before crushing your soul utterly.

  6. @ Grill

    I don’t think that would surprise anyone.


  7. Congratulations! Just knowing there are people in the world like yourself, with such awesome news to report, is truly life-affirming.

  8. Bobsy Says:


  9. CloakRaider Says:

    What happened to Ross! He was the heavy damnit!

  10. AJ Says:

    So is Ross not on the team anymore?

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