My new job…

Srsly. Don't mess with the coach.

… is to edit this beast of a magazine. Pretty cool, eh?

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4 Comments on “My new job…”

  1. The_B Says:

    Gratz on the promotion Sir, now where’d you hide Ross’ body eh? And do you inherit the dead hookers in his basement?

    Additionally: your about no longer says you don’t look old enough to be deputy editor, surely this applies moreso as an editor, unless the promotion came with the condition that you sacrifice your immortality like the guy from Indy.

  2. Little Green Man Says:

    When you came to clear out Ross’s desk, did you find the receipt from Fritzl for the basement?

  3. Jazmeister Says:

    Congratumalations! I dare you to switch it back to the old layout 😀

  4. roburky Says:

    Congrats Tim.

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