Vista: it hates me.

This is the most batshit insane technical problem I’ll ever face. God only knows if there’s a solution.

Here’s the problem: all the folders on my PC have been labelled Read Only by Vista’s over zealous security systems. I have no idea when, how, or why this happened, but it’s obviously causing some problems. When I try and turn the folders to writeable, they’re immediately turned back. So – what the hell is going on, how the hell do I stop it, and dear-god is this a ‘feature’.

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5 Comments on “Vista: it hates me.”

  1. The_B Says:

    Bit of a long shot (and I can’t say I’ve had much experience with Vista yet) but I don’t suppose it’s something to do with the Parental Controls is it?

  2. Iain Says:

    Format your hard drive and install Linux. Problem solved! 😉

    I haven’t touched Vista yet myself, but I would imagine it’s something to do with either a) Vista automatically setting your access level on the folders according to your user level within Windows – i.e. are you a system administrator? or, b) someone’s remotely accessing your PC and altering all the access permissions on the folders to piss you about. Probably your network administrator… Though I’d virus check the hell out of the PC just to be sure.

  3. The folder options?

    Is there folder options in Vista now?

    Is there even a control panel?!

  4. Microsoft finally makes an attempt for their longrunning plan to introduce AI despotic dictators.

  5. Wowbagger Says:

    I feel you pain.
    Vista has me bent over right now.
    Arse-raping me hard.

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