For my next prospective hire

You’re probably better than you think you are. But that doesn’t count for that much. You really shouldn’t be looking at this as a day job. As a sideline, it’s wicked fun.

Don’t start thinking of yourself as a journalist, until you’ve delivered fresh, verifiable, and newsworthy information. New screenshots don’t count. Until then, you’re an entertainer. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. The best writer I know just turned in 21,500 words on a game he’s yet to play. Every one of his sentences made me smile. That should be your aim.

I used to think that the best writers were writers first, gamers second. But I’m less convinced by that argument every day. That sounds like an argument for not understanding the power of games, and the passion of those who play them. I used to care more about the undiscovered games – indies, mods, art. But now, I’m happier reading about the mainstream. Someone who can produce a fresh take on the most played games on the planet is just more fun to read.

The best writers I know are the most entertaining people I know. Stop being shy, start being expressive.

The time you spent reading this was time spent not writing. Stop procrastinating, and get on with it.

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2 Comments on “For my next prospective hire”

  1. But…like…if I didn’t read this, I wouldn’t know to go write.


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