TF2: Bring on the frogs

Dear Robin Walker, hero of Team Fortress.

Congratulations on the latest update. It is good.

However. We’ve been talking in the PC Gamer office about how tedious we find spectating. Tom has his own complicated ideas about two linked arenas so that everyone is playing simultaneously, and the teams get shuffled that way. I don’t really understand what he’s saying, but it sounds good. You should probably listen to him.

But I’ve got a better idea. The frog.

In Operation Flashpoint, if you were killed in a multiplayer mission, you’d re-appear as a seagull, and could watch your friends fight, floating above them.

Obviously, you can’t do that, because that’s copying. But I think it’ll be brilliant if downed players, and spectators, had the option of reappearing as a frog, just hopping around the maps, watching from boot height. They could be squashed, or trampled on, or shot, I guess, and you’d probably want to make it a server option, like party mode.

The really good bit, though, is that you’d have to provide a place for the frogs to appear on each map, and it would have to be called the frog-spawn.

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3 Comments on “TF2: Bring on the frogs”

  1. The_B Says:

    How long were you thinking that one before posting it Tim? Puntastic.

  2. Gap Gen Says:

    Actually, the seagull in ArmA kinda sucks because you spend the rest of the mission dead – especially in night missions where you might as well have been booted because you can’t see shit anyway. As we’ve found in co-op MP missions, revive mod is hilarious, as you create a pile of do-gooders sniped one after the other trying to revive a fallen comrade, or when being asked where you are so you can be revived, saying “I’m under the tank”.

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