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Worklinks 23rd July

July 23, 2008

“It’s a moon shot for Codemasters – a game that will look, sound and play a generation ahead of the competition. The geography, all 220-odd square kilometres of it, includes rolling hills, forests, swamps and an extinct volcano to run around in. The dynamic environmental systems include day and night cycles, weather and accurate physics. Operation Flashpoint 2 is a game long in the planning, long in the making, and long, oh‑so-long awaited.”

Operation Flashpoint 2: because no-one argues with sexy guns.

“Attack and defend in a class-based shooter set in the oft-ignored WWII.”

365 Free Games! (This was a group feature that all PC Gamer contributed to. My favourite moment of the year so far came when Graham, he of sour looks, who volunteered to write this turned to us and said, “I’ve got all the games now. All I need to do is write about them. It shouldn’t take more than a day. Two weeks later, we had to pay John to come in for a couple of days to finish the blasted thing. Also note – while Gamesradar can’t verify the quality of all the games in the feature, we can. Because we wrote it.)


Facebook status: undefined

July 2, 2008

I’ve just deleted my Facebook account because I am a miser. If you’re adding even more applications, feel free to forward that news to my email directly.

Or not.

Heroes Part 1

July 2, 2008

There was a piece on the Culture show tonight about Philippe Petit; an artist who I’d never heard of before. His story is incredible: one night he slung a rope between the twin towers. Then he walked across it. The police were called. They asked for him to get down. In response, he got back on the rope, and walked to the other side of the tower.


Philippe Petit