Worklinks 12th June

The funny thing is: the Sims team have been taking risks. We just didn’t notice. Sims games cover everything: from the best business game available – the Open for Business expansion – to console versions like MySims, in which you can build houses and cookers and sofas and cars out of electronic Lego, to insane web-platforms like The Sims On-Stage, where users can upload videos of themselves performing poetry, or singing karaoke (Rod boasts that The Sims On-Stage is, hilariously, the most popular poetry site on the web).

I think I want to hug Rod Humble. No. I know I want to hug him.

PCG: Player versus Player… [pause]

JAB: I’m for it.

Interview with World of Warcraft Senior Producer J. Allen Brack. Smart guy. Definitely likes PvP.

Tom: What do you think their plan is for Steam?

Ross: Probably a lever.

Tim: And when you pull it, the entire Valve-a-plex takes off into space.

The next episode of the PC Gamer podcast is up.

“I asked myself what I’d build… Friendly sentient ETs? Aggressive, warmongering monsters? No. Like at least 10% of the population, I realised I wanted to build a GIANT COCK.”

Spore is an amazing toy.

“Gender: hottie. Charisma: high, as usual. Intelligence: ditto. I have high dissent (the basic ingredient of a Deputy Editor), and some form of executive command. I’m also very, very hot. And kinda naked. In space, no one can see you work the joystick naked.”

They made us play the games we didn’t want to.

“The pirates won. The cost of PC games is being forced down to zero to compete with the warez kiddies who are happy to distribute every game created for nothing. Publishers are realising that it’s no use trying to compete with the torrent sites.”

Don’t worry. The PC will be just fine.

There are also times when it feels like a huffing anachronism: a failure where the writing overrides play, and the rigorous structure overrides the player’s instinct to explore and experiment.

Assassin’s Creed review. I’m convinced that an Assassin’s Creed 2 built on the successes and failures of AC1 could be spectacular.

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