Age Concern

I have a secret addiction to Strictly Come Dancing.

No. I don’t want to talk about it.

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8 Comments on “Age Concern”

  1. Stuart White Says:

    Strictly come dancing is so passe. Will you buy a PS3? That’s the question.

    The reason behind the question is that i’m always curious when people who work very much in the PC market branch out beyond – such as Kieron with his Xbox (more reviews = more cash) or Mr Walker with his DS (is mad, like the DS).

  2. Bob Says:

    Who says Lawrence Welk is a fuddy-duddy!

  3. pcgtim Says:

    Stuart: eventually, yeah, to sit alongside the 360 and (incoming) Wii. Although 99% of my work is PC based, I love all games, on all formats. I think journalists do themselves a disservice not to play everything.

  4. The_B Says:

    Is it that lass who plays Ruby?

    …or Emma Bunton?

  5. The_B Says:

    …and I have to stop posting comments with my University blog account. Stupid thing.

  6. Stuart White Says:

    Tim: Good answer. Your house must be a Games wonderland!

  7. pcgtim Says:

    It is an expensive wonderland. And the neighbours complain.

  8. Phil Wills Says:

    My other half has always been addicted to it and whilst I’d like to pretend I despise it and really do despise the ridiculous pauses for tension before announcing who gets the boot, I can see the attraction. However, when I discovered she’d been watching the weekday programme, that really was beyond the pale.

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